Health officials warn of spike in flu cases with colder weather

Health officials warn of spike in flu cases with colder weather

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Winter weather is coming to the Lowcountry and it's also expected to bring the flu.

Health officials are warning people in South Carolina to get the flu vaccine now, before that number of flu cases spikes.

"It has everything to do with fronts that carry the virus from other parts of the country, it has to do with travel and it has to do with close proximity with other people who have the flu," said Dr. Bo Machado of Health First.

Machado says the flu is expected to be the worst between February 4 and February 24, ten days before and after Valentine's Day

So if you haven't gotten the flu shot yet, Dr. Machado says get it now, about two weeks before the anticipated spike.

"The difference is the strain more closely matches the vaccine, so the vaccine is going to be more protective than it was last year," said Machado.

There are around five flu related deaths in Charleston every year, with almost all of them being in February, according to Machado.

"We literally can save a life, if we can just get that person to get a flu shot now," said Machado.

Machado says be aware of the biggest flu symptom in the coming month. If you have any type of fever, especially paired with body aches, see a doctor immediately.

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