Charleston area Uber Drivers set protest outside GOP debate

VIDEO: Charleston area Uber Drivers protest fare cuts outside GOP debate

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A group of Charleston area Uber drivers are using the Republican debate to protest a recent cut in fares.

Drivers complain that they are feeling the brunt of the d rop in fares while Uber continues to benefit from increased commissions and fees.

The ride-hailing service recently announced it would lower fares for Uber as it moved to what the company called "Winter Pricing."

Some drivers say those cuts have produced more than 50 percent less revenue for them.

"Uber has increased their take for new drivers by 25 percent," part time Uber driver Tom Werner said. "So in the past seven months the drivers including myself have had our pay d ropped 52 percent since the bill passed by the state legislature."

The group chose to demonstrate at the GOP presidential debates to educate the public to what is happening, and bring the so-called inequities to the attention of Uber and the nation.

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