Graham says Bush is "ready on day one to be President of the U.S."

Graham says Bush is "ready on day one to be President of the U.S."

(WCSC) - South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham has officially endorsed Jeb Bush as his choice to be the next President of the United States.

This comes after last nights G.O.P debate in North Charleston in which Graham said Jeb, "didn't talk the most, but he made the most sense."

"The only way to become Commander in Chief is for the American people to pick you. I fell short, and now I'm a citizen asked to cast my vote. I can say without any hesitation that Jeb Bush is ready to become Commander in Chief," Graham said in a press conference this morning.

Graham said he is endorsing Bush because, "he has the ability to bring the world on board" concerning America's stance on terrorism and conflict in the Middle East. He also said Bush had the right temperament to hold the office.

Bush's experience and success as Governor of Florida was also addressed by Graham as reasons he is standing behind Jeb.

"South Carolina is going to reset the race on February 20. We're going to give Jeb the momentum he needs to win," Graham stated before introducing Bush to the crowd.

Bush stressed the importance of this years election stating, "what's at stake is our very way of life."

He focused on homeland security, immigration, and changes in the V.A. system.

"I'm not a cut-and-run politician, I see a fire, I run towards it," Bush said, "I've learned at the age of 62 that a valuable lesson in life is to know what you don't know."

Bush said that we can fix these problems but we need to work together to do it.

Graham praised Bush's experience in dealing with foreign affairs, while also taking a shot at current President Barack Obama.

"The last time we elected someone who didn't know anything about foreign policy was Barack Obama. Let's not make that mistake again," Graham said.

Bush wrapped up the conference by stating that he, "yearns for the days when there's a bi-party consensus on the big issues."

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