Families attend parade to honor Dr. King's legacy

Families attend parade to honor Dr. King's legacy

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Thousands of people braved the cold and lined King Street to celebrate the life of Dr. King.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade made it's way down King Street as families stood by, waiving and smiling.

For the kids, it might be initially be considered a day off from school, a day they can catch candy from the parade floats. However, many parents used the day as a way to talk to their children about the legacy of Dr. King.

"If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have a lot of the rights that we have as African Americans," said Cherron Swinton, mother who brought her daughters to the parade.

Swinton says the uses the fun parade as a way to open up the conversation about the past and present struggles with race and inequality.

"They learned a little bit about his dream and I wanted them to see all the different people coming out to show support," said Swinton.

Walter Scott's family was among those enjoying the parade. Scott's sister in law Denise Scott, said attending the parade was part of the healing process. She also hopes it's used to educate our youth about racism in our society.

"Walter Scott - that happened, Emanuel Nine - that happened, I think the young people can say it wasn't just a thing of the past, it's a thing of now and that we need to take action, we need to you know get involved," said Scott.

Scott and many others in attendance say they're hopeful that Charleston will continue to be a place where people of all races can unite and overcome adversity.

"I'm very thankful to be here to continue to see progress in this world," said Timothy Grant.

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