James Island looks to slow down Charleston Co. development proposals

VIDEO: James Island looks to slow down Charleston County development proposals

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - People on James Island are saying no to large scale housing developments.

Many are concerned, including the mayor, about over-population after a planned large scale apartment complex and parking garage on Folly Road near Grimball Road.

"I got a report and I really have more questions than answers," says James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey.

He says that report showed Charleston County developers are planning to build 330 apartment units, retail stores and two parking garages. It will cover 10 acres.

"I just wish that this parcel was in the town of the James Island and then it would be developed under our regulations," says Mayor Woolsey.

The land is owned by Charleston County, although it sits on James Island.

Woolsey says he supports mix use development, but just on a smaller scale.

"It's already very crowded and the traffic is a nightmare," says Marian Martin.

Some residents are concerned about the proposed plan for their area.

"You build it up, it looks good but how you going to get off of James Island and get on James Island," says Gwendolyn Prioleau.  "There's a big major problem getting on and off as it is."

Potential residents from out of state have concerns too.

"My wife and I are going to buy a home, hopefully, and we've looked in this area," says Tom Mahan. "Every year we come down it gets more and more traffic."

Mayor Woolsey remains positive that James Island will get some say over the land, even if it's not immediately.

"We've got bills pending in Columbia trying to allow us to reunite the town, we are hopeful that will happen, but it won't be happening in the next couple of months," he says.

"If I want to live in the island atmosphere it just makes me want to go to John's Island because it's just way too developed here," says Martin.

Mayor Woolsey says he expects a public hearing in March or April. As for now, he's working to get answers as to how this project was passed.

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