Charleston Animal Society waiving fee for owners of lost dogs

VIDEO: Charleston Animal Society waiving fee for owners of lost dogs

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Animal Society says owners concerned about paying fines to retrieve their lost dogs are in luck - the organization is offering a "get home free" card for all lost animals through February 1st.

"We know that they have an owner, they're socialized, they're well cared for, they're somebody's loving pet," the animal society's Pearl Sutton said.

Officials say normally, owners of lost animals pay fees ranging from $35 - $500 under a Charleston County ordinance.

"You won't have to pay a reclaim fee, you won't have to pay for vaccinations, you won't have to pay for a microchip, your pet will go home free," Sutton explained.

After looking at their inventory this past weekend, the organization found that 78 percent of the dogs in their care are simply lost.

"Maybe their owners just don't know to come here or maybe they don't feel like they can afford it," the animal society's Kay Hyman said.

Rachel Robinson is one owner who decided to come to the society to look for her lost dog.

She says "Boots" ran away last week.

Robinson was hoping she'd find him at the shelter.

"I really miss him and I just want to bring him home," Robinson said.

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