Bond granted for man accused of beating ex-wife to death at W. Ashley home

General Little in bond court on Thursday. (Source: WCSC)
General Little in bond court on Thursday. (Source: WCSC)
General Little (Source: CCDC)
General Little (Source: CCDC)

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - A 69-year-old man charged with killing his ex-wife at her West Ashley home was granted bond.

General Theophilus Little was given a $100,000 bond for the murder of 69-year-old Barbara Little.

According to court records, Little was released on Jan. 15.

Authorities say Barbara Little died from multiple hits to her head.

According to investigators, General Little was located at his home five minutes away from the murder.

While there, deputies reported observing what appeared to be blood in the suspect's SUV.

A search warrant executed at Little's home yielded a pair of shoes with what appeared to be blood on them.

Authorities say a tread pattern on the bottom of the shoes was consistent with prints taken from the crime scene.

SLED passed on a report to local authorities stating that swabs taken from Little's SUV matched Barbara Little's DNA.

In addition, authorities say there was an attempt to clean the murder scene.

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