JI leaders say planned traffic lights to ease traffic on Harbor View Road

JI leaders say planned traffic lights to ease traffic on Harbor View Road

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - James Island leaders will look at ways to ease the island's traffic congestion at the first town council meeting of the year.

With the Harbor View Road Improvement project halfway done, leaders hope some sort of relief will come soon.

Some of the additions to the road in order to make it possible include traffic lights.

"What the lights will do is create a pulse, which will create an interruption so that people from the West can access Harbor View Road," said James Island Town Councilman Garrett Milliken.

One of those lights will go up at Harbor View and Fort Sumter Drive, while another, one mile away at Mikell Drive.

"You'll prevent that kind of backup that occurs due to that accordion going, because of seven or eight points of access rather than just two," Milliken said.

Danny Gardner owns General and Cosmetic Dentistry right next to the future Harbor View/Mikell intersection.

As a member of the community he's not a fan of the traffic lights, but has a different viewpoint professionally.

"As the owner of a business, I feel like maybe people stopping here and looking could be positive," Gardner said. "There's always something positive that comes out of things that you don't like."

Meanwhile a resident who lives on Fort Sumter Drive where the other light will be installed said she's against the planned signals.

"It's just going to cause more accidents," said Lisa Niess.

"Nobody is going to be going any faster with or without the traffic signal," Milliken said. "What this is, is a safety device to allow 24/7 safety access to the other side of the road."

The other controversial project to be discussed at Thursday's meeting is the Maybank Gathering Place.

It's a mixed-use residential and commercial space being built on Maybank Highway near Folly Road.

Town council hopes to extend the City of Charleston's moratorium on the project until March.

"That allows some time for people to make revisions to that comprehensive land use plan that allows The Gathering Place to be there," Milliken said.
The city's current moratorium on the project expires Wednesday, January 27.

A public hearing is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 26 to talk about the project.

Both town and city council members ask the community to attend for more information.

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