A tale of two bridges: The road to recovery is far from fixed

A tale of two bridges: The road to recovery is far from fixed
The St. Mark Bridge. (Photo Source: WCSC)
The St. Mark Bridge. (Photo Source: WCSC)

WILLIAMSBURG COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A Williamsburg County community will hopefully get the answers they need today on the status of two downed bridges. The McCottry and St. Mark bridges were ripped apart by floodwaters in October, after record rainfall struck the community.
But four months after the bridges crumbled, residents and lawmakers are wondering when they will be fixed.

"If there is anything I hate, I hate when people don't do their job," District two Councilman W.B. Wilson said. "And with what's happening here, politics got involved, I suppose. Because a lot of those bridges have been fixed in elite counties. They said they're going to start in January and January is just about gone and nobody has done anything."
Residents like David Pringle had their one-mile drive into work turn into nearly 30, after the roads washed out. They're routed through back roads.

Pringle works at House of Raeford Farms, as a forklift operator. "I should get on my knees and pray that they hurry and get down here and get this done," Pringle said.

He's watching his wallet thin every time he fills up his truck at the pump. "It's just hectic right now we would love to hear some action," he said.
The South Carolina Department of Transportation says action will soon be taken to repair the battered bridges. They say they project the St. Mark to reopen by the end of April. However, the McCottry, which received more extensive damage, will not be completed until the end of summer.
"That's bad. I feel like the bridge should have been put back together a long time before now," Wardell Bluefort, a top farmer in the community said.  "It's just costing me about three to four hours moving from one farm to the next."
Councilman W.B. Wilson, has set up a meeting where people can get answers from the state lawmakers who represent the Nesmith-Hemingway area. 

The meeting is Monday at 6:30 p.m.

It will take place at Friendship United Methodist Church, at the Corner of Nesmith and Friendship Church Roads.

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