NAN calls for 5 directives after Citadel photo investigation

VIDEO: NAN calls for 5 directives after Citadel photo investigation

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Members of the National Action Network called for five directives at the Citadel following the investigation into viral photos showing cadets dressed what appeared to be white hoods taken in December.

The call for changes came shortly after a press conference by the school's president, Lt. Gen. John Rosa and its Commandant of Cadets, Navy Capt. Geno Paluso, during which punishments were announced for 14 cadets found to be connected to the photos.

"We are satisfied with the disciplinary action the Citadel has taken," South Carolina National Action Network President Elder James Johnson said.

The group had initially demanded Rosa's resignation when the photos first came to light, but Johnson said they have withdrawn that request after meeting with Rosa.

"We are now happy to work alongside Gen. Rosa to improve racial relations," NAN spokesperson Victoria Melendez said.

The five directives the group wants range from educating cadets on the school's past to removing an ongoing symbol of that past from its campus:

  • A mandatory class on The Citadel's history
  • Five free scholarships for minority students
  • A annual program teaching about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the ongoing progress resulting from the Civil Rights movement
  • More involvement from the Citadel in Title I schools to help low-income students
  • The removal of the Confederate flag from the college's chapel

Four members of the organization will be working with the college to create better relations when it comes to race across the nation. Rosa says he looks forward tot he initiative.

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