Summey delivers N. Charleston's State of the City address

VIDEO: Summey delivers N. Charleston's State of the City address

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey delivered his annual State of the City address Thursday evening from North Charleston City Hall.

The address came following a historic year for the mayor and his city.

The mayor touched on significant events such as the shooting of Walter Scott.

"Last year was like no other year that we've ever faced, the national media descended on North Charleston" says Mayor Summey in the address.

He says, "the city tried to handle the misfortunes that we have appropriately and we tried to settle things as quickly as possible."

He also spoke about future development and revitalization efforts in the city, as well as community and police relations.

Mayor Summey's State of the City address is different from those in other cities. That speech is delivered in the form of a pre-recorded video. This year he did something new, he included eight students from North Charleston schools to help deliver the message in the video.

"The kids in North Charleston don't get a fair shake, it's negativity about all the schools being failing schools," says Mayor Summey. "We just thought it was an opportunity for us to show the public, that our kids are very bright."

The address also outlined new recreational, cultural arts and tourism amenities. These include a plan towards a CARTA Inter-modal Transportation Facility, senior centers, a gym for the south end of the city and the city's largest fire station that opened Thursday.

Following the presentation at City Council, the full version of the State of the City will be available on the city's website and YouTube Channel here.

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