Tattoo shop offers free Donald Trump tats

Tattoo shop offers free Donald Trump tats

SEABROOK, MA (NH1 NEWS NETWORK/WBIN/CNN) - The Clay Dragon Tattoo in Seabrook and Raymond, MA is offering free Donald Trump tattoos for a limited time.

The tattoo can be anything related to the Republican presidential candidate such as his face, which takes less than an hour to do, or the popular campaign slogan "Make America Great Again."

Bob Holmes, owner of the Clay Dragon, said his shops are booked up for weeks and he even got a call from Florida.

Holmes said the key to a Trump tattoo is getting the hair right.

Seth Bailey, 21, was one of the customers for the free tattoo, which was his first.

"The friends that I've told think it's hilarious," Bailey said.

When asked what he thought about the tattoos, Donald Trump said "well maybe I'll have to have a tattoo for the first time in my life, maybe not though."

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