Your Week in Viral Videos: A whole new meaning to 'cat lady'

Your Week in Viral Videos: A whole new meaning to 'cat lady'

(RNN) – Here are some popular videos from around the web this week.

It is not a comprehensive list because the internet is infinite and this compilation is finite.

Not everything may be "viral" per se, because that doesn't really have a good definition. So while it's called viral videos, in your mind just change viral to "somewhat entertaining."

Now, let's go to the videotape:

Tina Fey-lin

There's a big political thing happening Monday, and everybody is jumping on board the Iowa-Caucuses-Totally-Mean-Something-Significant-And-Aren't-At-All-Overhyped-Even-Though-The-Last-Two-Republican-Winners-Didn't-Get-The-Nomination Train. That's doubly true for late night TV, which went into the presidential campaign hard this week.

The news earlier this week was centered on the seventh Republican debate, which Donald Trump skipped to much fanfare. Seth Meyers had his own debate featuring members of both parties and a surprise appearance by former president Ronald Reagan. Stephen Colbert allowed Trump to debate himself.

Meyers also polled Iowans with little success and Colbert added a few new ice cream flavors after being inspired by the real one that was created for Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

But Saturday Night Live made the biggest splash following Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump with a Tina Fey reprisal of her famous Palin impersonation, and it was epic. Palin's daughter, Bristol, wasn't too happy with it, but CNN's Jeanne Moos matched them up, and it's pretty much spot on.


Adele's record-breaking, all-conquering, earth-shaking, major, blockbuster, smash, enormous hit Hello may surpass the parodies and covers launched by Shake It Off, Uptown Funk and Gangnam Style combined.

This one is particularly awesome for several reasons. First of all, it's played on cellos, which is cool enough in its own right to deserve attention, but The Piano Guys took it a step further and mashed it up with Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem.

Yeah, Mozart.

The songs can be listened to individually here and here if you would like to listen to them simultaneously yourself, which is also pretty awesome.

If I can snowboard there …

This time last week, Washington, DC, and New York City were shut down because of snow. You could have been arrested in New York City for driving in the snow. Unless …

If your vehicle was properly outfitted with snow tires and you pulled around a skier and snowboarder while they made a gnarly video of them shredding the white stuff on the Great White Way. If so, then the police were totally cool with it.

Other people did less cool stuff.

Literal catwoman

So, this woman claims to be a cat.

She hisses at dogs, meows when asked to say things in cat language, wears a furry tail, likes to sleep on the windowsill, stares out the window and claims to have special hearing that allows her to hear things that seem like they would be audible to pretty much anyone.

She's definitely from Norway, but whether she's actually a cat is up to interpretation. She claims there is a medical diagnosis for it, so … OK.

Describe it how you will, but nothing's going to beat the New York Post's headline.

And, oh by the way, she's never caught a mouse.

Good for us, bad for you

Fantasy football is a losing proposition, so anyone stupid enough to make the bet that if they lose they have to re-create a music video of the winner's choosing deserves to have the world watch them squirm on the floor like Selena Gomez.

Draft Julio Jones next year, bro. (Trust me, I won my league.)

More clickbait

Titanium is pretty much bulletproof.

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