Musk: SpaceX will send people to Mars by 2025

Musk: SpaceX will send people to Mars by 2025

HONG KONG (CNN) - The CEO of  SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity - Elon Musk - is one of the visionaries of private space expeditions.

While some see colonizing other planets as a pipe dream, the billionaire entrepreneur has a very different outlook on why space exploration is so important.

Why is getting humankind to Mars such a priority?

"The goal of Tesla and SolarCity is to minimize the existential threat of a delayed transition to a sustainable energy economy," Musk said. "The purpose of SpaceX is to help make life multi-planetary. If life as we know it is multi-planetary, then the probable length of existence of human civilization is much longer."

In addition to potentially saving mankind, their lure is in the journey itself, Musk said.

A venture to Mars, he said, "would just be an incredible adventure - even for someone following the process vicariously, it would be inspiring."

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