What Iowa caucuses could mean for SC primaries

VIDEO: What Iowa caucuses could mean for SC primaries

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - In just more than two weeks, Lowcountry voters will head to the polls to help decide the presidential nominees.

Political Science professor Dr. Kendra Stewart said Monday night's results in the Iowa caucuses may help narrow voter's options.

"What we will see somewhat of a winnowing of the field," said Dr. Stewart. "There will likely be a couple, handful of candidates who will likely drop out."

Doctor Stewart says while the Iowa caucuses don't necessarily predict the next president, it definitely helps candidates who do well.

Starting in the democratic field, Dr. Stewart says the close race between Clinton and Sanders show both candidates need to step it up.

"All that does is give Bernie a significant boost when it comes to fundraising and support and makes him more sustainable," said Dr. Stewart. "That would certainly not put Hillary out of the race, that would just make the primary much longer."

On the republican side, Dr. Stewart says Cruz's victory shows Trump might not be as strong as the polls suggested and republicans are going to have to start making decisions.

"At some point soon, those folks are all going to have to coalesce behind one candidate, if they don't want trump to be successful," said Dr. Stewart. "Some of these other candidates are going to have to start seriously reflecting on their chances of success."

Whether you adamantly back a candidate or you're undecided, Dr. Stewart says south Carolinians better hold on tight.

"Pay attention and get ready because we're about to be inundated," said Dr. Stewart.

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