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School officials pull poem referencing 'Allaah'

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A complaint from a parent prompted school officials in Williamsburg County to pull a poem handed out to first grade students.

The poem was handed out to students at W.M. Anderson Primary School in Kingstree with instructions students should be able to recite it Wednesday.

A viewer sent a copy of the poem he says was handed out to students. The poem, titled, "A Good Neighbor," encourages lending a hand and showing kindness and respect. But the last two lines read, "Look after your neighbor's needs and Allaah will reward your deeds."

Allaah is an alternate spelling of Allah.

After viewing the handout, district officials issued this statement:

"It was brought to the attention of the Williamsburg County School District Administration on February 2, 2016, that a substitute teacher at the primary level gave students within her class a poem to memorize for an annual oratorical contest that contained a word that referenced religion. The Administration immediately disqualified the poem, and reviewed all materials for the contest to assure their appropriateness. The Administration also met with the concerned parent who is now satisfied by the prompt actions of school and district leaders."

There is no word on whether the substitute teacher has been disciplined or will be allowed to continue as a substitute within the district.

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