Northside Elementary students and parents tour freshly cleaned school

Northside Elementary students and parents tour freshly cleaned school
Northside Elementary Media Center (Source: Live 5)
Northside Elementary Media Center (Source: Live 5)
#NorthsideStrong t-shirt worn by faculty (Source: Live 5)
#NorthsideStrong t-shirt worn by faculty (Source: Live 5)

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - On Tuesday students at Northside Elementary School in Walterboro will be walking through the doors for the first time since December.

For the last month the school has been closed as crews cleaned the inside of the building after mold was discovered over winter break.

Monday afternoon the school district held a parent drop in at the school to allow them and their children to tour the building ahead of its reopening.

"When they come in we'll just have them switch back to normal and we'll be good to go," said one of the teachers Monday afternoon.

Things are getting back to normal for faculty and students at Northside Elementary in Walterboro.

"We've had a lot going on the last several weeks, but we're very excited that today is here, and we can finally have all of our grade levels back on one campus," said Northside Elementary School Principal Tracy McDonald.

"It was hectic at first, especially with them being out for the first week, but then after that it was like a normal routine," said Jessica Smith, whose son is in fifth grade.

The students have been going to school at other schools since the second week in January.

Tuesday they'll be back in their own classrooms, which have been deep cleaned over the last month.

"It still looks the same, but it's clean," said Archie Pier, whose great grandson goes to Northside. "It's really had a clean makeover."

"It looked like brand new paint," Smith added. "Everything was completely sanitized, and it actually smelt pretty good."

While things may be turning back to normal there will be a small change.

Beginning next Tuesday, February 16, the school day will be extended by one hour to make up for the lost time when the kids were out that first week in January.

"I think it's good, because then the kids can get more education that way," said Debbie Burns, whose son is in third grade.

"It's going to be a little trying, but in the end it will work out instead of them taking Spring break, which is a big deal for everyone here," Smith added.

Students at Northside will be on the extended hour schedule until April 21.

The district says teachers will use the extra time to focus on reading and math by doing interactive activities to help support the curriculum.

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