Tiny House advocates march from Tent City to City Hall

Tiny House advocates march from Tent City to City Hall

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Supporters of building tiny houses for the homeless are taking to the streets of Downtown Charleston.

Tuesday afternoon, supporters marched from Tent City to City Hall. The people included in the march were homeless, homeless advocates and supporters of building the tiny houses for Charleston's homeless population.

Several from the group who marched spoke in front of city council, during the public comment section of their city council meeting.

The organizer plans to give a list of "challenges" to the city mayor.

It's all in a push to get the Tiny House plan rolling.  As it stand now, the City of Charleston and Mayor John Tecklenburg have not given a definitive "yes" or "no" about the Tiny House initiative.

The first thing Tiny House supporters want is a public presentation dedicated to discussing the concept and how they could work for the homeless in Charleston.

They also want the mayor to consider creating a task force made up of city officials, law enforcement and homeless advocates. Tiny House advocates want that task force to meet regularly until a plan for a Tiny House Village is put into motion.

The organizers want the city to chose a one to two acre site to build a Tiny House Village. It would include up to 24 tiny houses, a community building, kitchen and full bathrooms.

They want the village on high ground, that doesn't flood, and within a half mile of a CARTA bus stop that has service every hour. Their proposal is that tiny house residents would pay one dollar per month, for up to three years. Trash, water and electrical fees would be additional.

There is currently one Tiny House model that's been built and is in the city's possession. Organizers would like to move that to the yard of the International Long Shoreman's Association property.

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