Summerville Council passes ordinances changing mayoral powers

VIDEO: Summerville Council passes ordinances changing mayoral powers

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Summerville Town Council has passed two ordinances changing mayoral powers.

In a 4 to 3 vote Wednesday night, the council voted to strip newly-elected Mayor Wiley Johnson of some of his powers.

Prior to the vote, council members were involved in a heated discussion about the mayor's future roles. The mayor's duties were redefined after former mayor Bill Collins lost the seat to Johnson.

While Collins was in office, he held mayoral duties and administrative powers, in order for the town to save money.

When he left office, he resigned his powers and they were split into two.

One council member says keeping the powers split and deciding mayoral powers is putting Summerville Town Council in a slippery situation. He wonders if this is going to be a discussion every time a new mayor is elected.

Council member Bob Jackson was one of the four on council who voted in favor of the amendments.

"It's not a change, it's actually just Mayor Collins had his authority because of the administrative position he had," said council member Jackson. "When he resigned that position, that went away. I was not in favor in him having the powers in the beginning."

After the meeting, Mayor Wiley Johnson said this battle is not over.

"Well, I'm disappointed with the council; however, they have voted and I believe some legal matters need to be addressed with it," said Mayor Johnson.

As of right now, the town is working to hire its first administrator in years.

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