Summerville man charged in Christmas stabbing arrested for car fire

Summerville man charged in Christmas stabbing arrested for car fire

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville man who was arrested for a Christmas stabbing is back behind bars for allegedly setting fire to a car during a feud with his ex-girlfriend.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office charged 34-year-old Colin Thomas Magliano with third-degree arson. Magliano was arrested this past December after authorities say he stabbed a man on Christmas over loud music. 

Magliano's recent arrest stems from an incident on Feb. 4  when deputies responded to a home on Outwood Drive in Ladson.

The complainant, a 35-year-old woman, said her roommate's vehicle had just been set on fire in the driveway of her home.

According to the woman, she saw her ex-boyfriend, identified as Magliano, leave the area of the front of her home very quickly at the same moment she heard the fire start.

The woman said she looked out her front window and saw Magliano leave her home in a Ford Ranger pick up truck just after she heard a loud noise that sounded like a "large fire starting."

When authorities arrived they saw a blue Ford Focus fully engulfed in fire in the driveway of a home.

The complainant told investigators that she had received several threatening messages which referred to her "new roommate/new boyfriend conflict" as well as a financial issue between herself and Magliano.

A witness said they saw the suspect in a truck, drive up to the complainant's home. According to the witness, the suspect got out of the truck and poured something from a gasoline container.

The witness reported that the suspect put a lighter to the engine area of the vehicle which then erupted in fire.

The suspect then got back into his truck and drove away, the witness said.

Officers located the suspect at his home a short time later.

Authorities then retrieved dash camera footage from a patrol car which appeared to show Magliano's vehicle leaving the Ladson community at the same date and time that the complainant was calling 911 to report the fire.

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