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SLED: Violent crime rate down 12 percent in SC in 2013


The rate of violent crime dropped more than 12 percent while the rate of property crimes was down almost 6 percent in South Carolina from 2012 to 2013. Assaults on law enforcement officers increased.
The figures are contained in the SLED Uniform Crime Report released Friday. The rates are per 100,000 inhabitants.
Violent crimes are murder, sexual battery, robbery, and aggravated assault in which there is a confrontation between the criminal and the victim
There were 293 murders in the state in 2013, down almost 14 percent from the previous year.
At the same time there were 679 assaults on law officers, 40 more than in 2012. The number includes aggravated assaults - in which a weapon is used or the victim is seriously injured - and simple assaults.
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