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City of Beaufort making progress on Spanish Moss Trail


Visitors and residents in Beaufort will be able to travel along the Spanish Moss Trail once again - this time with some major improvements.

The city spruced up the multi-purpose path as part of a national initiative to transform old infrastructure into new uses.

"The rail-to-trail - which is national incentive to move abandoned railroads and actually turn them into walking trails, riding trails and bike paths."

A little more than six miles of the Spanish Moss Trail are now reopened to the public, but when fully-completed, the trail will offer 11 miles of recreational use.

"About a half-mile this way on the trail, that two-mile segment section was the last section finished, and that's the part that goes over Ellie Trestle and goes over Hwy 170, making it 6.5 miles. Beyond that intersection in the road, the trail will continue for about four miles, and it will go through Clarendon Plantation and then come out to about the end of Clarendon Road,” said Mike McFee, Mayor Pro Tem, Beaufort.

For people like Weston Moultrie, who uses the trail to commute, the wait is worth the convenience.

"It helps me a lot, because I'm getting to school in about 30 minutes. It usually takes me an hour to go all the way around, but now it's like 25-30 minutes,” Moultrie said.

The challenge for the city in keeping pedestrians safe is coordinating all traffic signals along the route.

“One of the concerns I have is to make sure we fully-integrate the signalization into our signalization plan. All of your signals are tied together, and I want to make sure we have that interconnect so that when someone calls to walk across that road, it’s timed with everything else,” said David Coleman, Capital Improvement Projects Manager.

The city hopes to have the entire trail opened by Labor Day.

The project costs several million dollars, which has been both funded and donated by local organizations, and rationed from tax dollars. 

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