Boeing South Carolina celebrates 100th 787 Dreamliner

VIDEO: Boeing celebrates 100th 787 Dreamliner

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - It was a big day for Boeing's North Charleston plant, which introduced its newest 787 Dreamliner, the 100th manufactured in the Lowcountry.

Walking through the new Dreamliner you really get the sense that this plane is about enhancing the passenger experience. That's what design engineers say was the goal, and that's also why American Airlines says it uses this type of plane in their extended flights.

The inside of the 787-8 has ceilings almost nine feet high and larger windows. There are no more window shades; these are all dimmed electronically.

Other highlights include maximized luggage space.

Engineers say passengers also experience a lower altitude during flight so they arrive feeling less tired, more refreshed.

For some who've been part of the Dreamliner program early on, watching the 100th plane delivery is extra special.

"It does give me goosebumps," Boeing's Vice President of Engineering, Dan Mooney, said. "Because I had a part in the very beginning of the program, had a part in the design and the certification phase. There were some tough things we went through but now to see it out in service, serving our passengers and customers, really feels great."

Mooney says he was really in awe to see how quickly the Boeing team has been able to produce these planes, adding production efforts are only getting faster.

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