Rubio rallies for support in Summerville

Rubio rallies for support in Summerville

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Republican presidential candidates rallying across the state to make their last minute push before the South Carolina primary. 
Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio campaigned in Summerville, with Senator Tim Scott.

"He is a conservative that can win," said U.S. Senator Tim Scott, of South Carolina. "Other candidates are having really personal attacks on one another which is unattractive to the voters."

A crowd of nearly 500 people, some still undecided voters, came out to the Dorchester Boat Club in Summerville hear Rubio speak.

"You'll never hear me attack anyone personally," said Rubio.

Rubio says he's keeping his campaign positive and focused on policy.

"I'm disappointed in Senator Cruz's campaign in terms of - they just keep making things up about people, so that's unfortunate," said Rubio.

At the event, Rubio focused more on his policies than competitors.

"I'm going to protect and defend your second amendment right. Why? Because I believe you have a right to protect yourself and your family from terrorists and from criminals," said Rubio.

Rubio says he's going to rebuild our military and fight ISIS head on.

"It's a real threat and in the face of all these threats what are we doing to our military? We're gutting it and by the way it isn't just dangerous, it's unfair," said Rubio. "There are people in harms way today with the uniform of this country, who are being asked to do dangerous things with older and less equipment."

Rubio was speaking to a large crowd of veterans and made a point to bash Veterans Affairs for a "culture of incompetence" that he promises to reform.

"When I'm president, you will be able to use your VA benefits and go to any hospital or doctor you want to use," said Rubio.

Rubio will continue hosting events across the state until Saturday. Wednesday, he'll be in Mount Pleasant, Aiken and Chapin.

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