Sanders confident on getting votes in SC

Sanders confident on getting votes in SC

CHARLESTON, SC - Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders had a busy day in South Carolina Tuesday.

The Senator spoke at two events in Columbia before arriving in Charleston Tuesday afternoon.

Charleston's Democratic Representative Wendell Gilliard introduced Sanders at the town hall event at Memminger Auditorium in downtown Charleston.

Sanders has been vying for votes from South Carolinians since the Democratic debate in January.

"I am almost embarrassed to tell you how far down we were here in South Carolina," he said. "Like single digits, 70 points behind."

However now, Sanders is confident going into next week's primary and even Election Day.

"Folks here in South Carolina are going to wake up the next morning to a very big surprise," he said.

Sanders spoke about several of the issues his campaign focuses on, including education, healthcare and the criminal justice system.

"We're gonna talk about police department reform," he said. "We're gonna end a situation where unarmed people, often African Americans, are killed in police custody."

Sanders also talked about the concept of a political revolution.

He believes change doesn't come from the top down, but elsewhere.

"Change only comes when millions of people look around and say 'you know what, it's wrong.'," he said. "Racism is wrong, sexism is wrong, homophobia is wrong, we have got to move on behind that."

He also went on the attack against the Republican party as a whole, at times.

However, he did single out one candidate, once, during his 45 minute speech, when it comes to creating change in America.

"In this great country if we stand together, if we do not allow the Trumps of the world to divide us up from where we came from... we can create a country that fills a potential of what we are supposed to be," he said.

Sanders traveled to Atlanta, Georgia Tuesday night to speak at Morehouse College for another event.

The Democratic primary in South Carolina is set for Saturday, February 27.

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