Bush campaigns in Summerville, touts experience

Bush holds rally in Summerville, asks voters who they want in office during a disaster

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - As time ticks away ahead of the South Carolina Republican presidential primary, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told voters in Summerville his experience in office makes him the best candidate to be America's next president.

Around 150 people joined the candidate at the Summerville Country Club to hear more of what he hopes to bring to the presidency if elected.

Bush narrowed it down to two big things: fixing the economy and national security.

He says the other candidates are great politicians but are not ready for the job.

He featured his terms as Florida governor and also singled himself out as the candidate who isn't going to run from challenges or crisis. He also took jabs at President Barack Obama's seven years in office, his policy on Iran and dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But Bush mostly took the hour to separate himself from fellow Republican candidates Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, asking the crowd which candidate they most want in the Oval Office if disaster should strike.

Bush also promised no executive orders during his watch and repeated his commitment to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs and rebuild the military.

The announcement of Governor Haley's endorsement of Rubio was made public during the rally, but while some supporters say they were disappointed, it did not worry them.

"I don't think voters, especially in 2016 and especially in South Carolina, are really looking at other politicians to tell them how to vote," supporter and volunteer Lee Spieckerman said. "People are really independent, they're sick and tired of the political class and they want to make their own decisions."

Bush also told voters he is not deterred by the recent poll numbers putting him at 10 percent and front-runner Donald Trump at 38 percent.

Bush's next stop is a Myrtle Beach town hall event Wednesday night.

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