Trump: South Carolinians need to talk to Haley to keep refugees out

Trump: South Carolinians need to talk to Haley to keep refugees out

WALTERBORO, SC (WCSC) - Donald Trump told South Carolinians they needed to talk to Gov. Nikki Haley to keep Syrian refugees out of the state.

"If a governor didn't want to have them, I don't care what it says, you don't have to have them," said Trump.

Trump spoke in Walterboro Wednesday afternoon, and one of his main topics was the second amendment and the right for Americans to own guns.

He used that point to support his conservatism, which has been questioned by many.

"I'm the most conservative on the border," said Donald Trump. "I'm the most conservative with the military, nobody is tougher than me. I'm the most conservative on taking care of the vets. Our vets are treated horribly. We're going to take care of them. I'm the most conservative on common core."

Trump also talked about rebuilding the country and what that means, like getting rid of common core, not allowing Syrian refugees in America and of course the statement he's become famous for, building a wall.

"We're going to build a wall and who's going to pay for the wall? Mexico!" Said Trump.

He spoke about the country's need to be independent from China.

"All of sudden, you'll be reading a big front page story, all over that place, that Boeing is going to leave South Carolina," said Trump. "They're going to make all their planes in China."

Trump encouraged South Carolinians to exercise their right to vote on Saturday.

"Get out and vote," said Trump. "We're going to do something that you're going to be so happy with. We're going to win so much and we're going to make America great again."

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