Bush hoping for needed boost from S.C. voters in GOP primary

VIDEO: Bush hoping for boost from Palmetto State Republicans

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says South Carolina's Republican Presidential Primary on Saturday could "reset" the race for the White House and hopes voters will give him a much-needed boost.

"It's important, it's very important!" Bush said after a rally in Summerville. "It really could have the impact of resetting the race."

Bush made the comments a short time before word came that Gov. Nikki Haley would endorse rival Sen. Marco Rubio, a decision he admits could hurt his campaign.

"She's a talented governor, a popular person, and Marco should be really happy with that endorsement," he said, adding he wasn't sure how much it would translate in actual votes.

Multiple polls place Bush behind candidate Donald Trump. Given those rankings, Bush said it wouldn't take a first-place finish for him to consider his performance in Saturday's primary a "win." Bush said a second, third or even fourth place finish could be a victory at this point.

"Somewhere around there," he said. "I'm not into the expectations game. I'm just working hard to share the fact that I can be Commander-in-Chief from day one."

Bush said he is going to work hard, is moving up and feels good about where his campaign is. He also said that he hopes a good finish in South Carolina will  give him a boost going into Super Tuesday on March 1, when over a dozen states have primaries or caucuses.

Bush seemed unconcerned about Trump's recent comments that denigrated both Jeb Bush and his brother, former President George W. Bush.

"I'm not a big Donald Trump fan, and I don't think he would be good for our country or president, and it's crazy talk about how my brother knew about 9-11, and he knew there was no weapons of mass destruction (in Iraq)," he said. "All of that has been totally repudiated, and the extreme left embraces that idea."

If Trump, however, eventually winds up winning the Republican nomination, Bush said he would support the party's nominee.

Bush would not say if he would d rop out if he does poorly in the SC primary, saying only that he's working hard in the state.

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