SC Rep. Mark Sanford endorses Ted Cruz at Charleston rally

SC Rep. Mark Sanford endorses Ted Cruz at Charleston rally

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The College of Charleston's Sottile Theatre was filled with Ted Cruz supporters Friday afternoon.

The Republican presidential hopeful made his second scheduled appearance in the state Friday in downtown Charleston.

Fox News' Sean Hannity held a live streamed show from the event.

Cruz spoke on topics about getting the American Dream back and figuring out a way to fix the national debt.

He feels a flat tax reform needs to be created, and Obamacare needs to be repealed.

Several well known celebrities were also in attendance at the event.

Duck Dynasty television star Phil Robertson spoke about his support for the senator. He believes Cruz will fight to keep Americans' constitutional rights.

He mentioned the second amendment and the Bible several times during his speech.

Well known author and political columnist David Limbaugh also showed his support for Cruz.

Meanwhile, South Carolina's Representative Mark Sanford officially endorsed Cruz at Friday's rally.

"You won't say it in Iowa, you're not saying it in Washington," Sanford said. "So what struck me about Ted was the fact he had come out against those
ethanol subsidies. I fought against spending my entire time in politics, and all too few people will. You look at this room of folks, they're fighters right here. We need another fighter in Washington in the Oval Office."

Of course Cruz didn't go the afternoon without taking jabs at some of his fellow Republican candidates.

"It is easy to say 'Make America Great Again.' That's easy to say," Cruz said. "You can even put it on a baseball cap. But the question is do you understand what it was that made America great in the first place?"

Later Cruz brought up the possibility of drafting women into combat.

"Two debates ago when I stood on the stage and watched three republicans, Marco Rubio, and two others say 'yeah sounds like a great idea to draft women into combat.' I remember standing there thinking 'are you guys nuts?'"

Cruz also addressed immigration issues, saying security needs to be tripled when he becomes president.

Cruz will travel to West Columbia and Greenville for his final events in South Carolina on Friday.

Many national polls have the Senator ranking second behind Donald Trump.

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