Democrats begin week-long campaigning in Palmetto State

VIDEO: Democrats begin week-long campaigning in Palmetto State
Hillary Clinton (Source: Wikipedia)
Hillary Clinton (Source: Wikipedia)
Bernie Sanders. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Bernie Sanders. (Photo Source: Twitter)

SOUTH CAROLINA (WCSC) - Fresh off their tight race in Nevada, the two democratic presidential hopefuls are gearing up a for a contest in South Carolina.

Over the next couple of days, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will canvass the state, trying to connect with the young and voters of color.

Tuesday, Hillary Clinton will be in Columbia for a "breaking down barriers forum," with mothers who lost their children to gun violence and police incidents.

Bernie Sanders is continuing his campaign as well. Sunday night, the Vermont Senator held a rally in Greenville. While coming off the heals of a loss in Nevada, Sanders says momentum is swinging his way.

"South Carolina has the opportunity to make American history and I hope you will," Sanders said.

But as the democratic presidential nomination race rolls into the state, Clinton is enjoying a wide-margin of support. That is thanks to a 3-to-1 advantage among black voters, according to a Bloomberg politics poll.

Clinton has gained key endorsements from minority leaders, most recently from 12-term South Carolina congressman James Clyburn.

As it stands, Clinton has 502 delegates to Sanders' 70. To gain the party nomination, one of them has to reach 2,383.

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