Bartender's open letter to ex-Yelp employee goes viral

Local bartender's open letter to ex-Yelp employee goes viral

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A local Charleston woman is gaining national attention after posting an open letter online. It's going viral and it's in response to another viral letter by a young Yelp employee.  
Let's back up, though. You might have heard about the Yelp employee out of San Francisco who was coincidentally fired right after complaining online about her low wages. By the way, Yelp helps people find and review local businesses.

Talia's letter was posted on the online writing community website called Medium. It was titled "An open letter to my CEO"  and went viral, with thousands of Twitter retweets and lots of mixed reaction. Then, she got let go.

Yelp's CEO Jeremy Stoppelman responded to the controversy on Twitter. He agreed about the outrageous cost of living in San Francisco, but said that Talia's termination was not just about the open letter.

In the midst of this, and thousands of miles away, Charleston Resident Stefanie Williams was scoffing on her computer.

"I kind of just sat there and thought you've got to be kidding me," said Williams.

Just like many people, Williams often sees posts on social media that get her fired up. However, it's not often that she gives them enough thought to write a response.

On Sunday, she decided to pen an open letter on Medium - right back at Talia.

In the "Open letter to millennials like Talia,"  Williams blasted 25-year-old Talia Jane for her public letter letter to her Yelp Boss.

Williams responded by saying in a sense - suck it up and work hard until you make it.

One line read: "realize there are a million other people who could perform your job and you are lucky to have one."

Williams says Talia's letter paints a major misconception about the millennial generation.

"You hear of people complaining, you don't hear of all the people are doing their best and working their butts off," said Williams.

Williams is a bartender, she's been in the food and beverage industry for close to a decade.

She says writing is her passion, but, she learned early on that writing probably wasn't going to provide her a stable income, yet.

So, the 29-year-old put her pride aside and started as a hostess. Williams says it's hard work, but has allowed her to provide for herself and live a comfortable life - with roommates, of course.

"Everyone wants to rant about their job," said Williams. "I wouldn't bite the hand that feeds me."

Williams' letter was posted on Sunday and has already gained her close to 12,000 new Twitter followers.

While she's also gained her own share of online "haters," she says the response to her letter has been "overwhelmingly positive."

Williams hopes both women's letters can be lesson for milliennials trying to make it in the working world.

"You gotta work for certain things - the ability to not have to share a bathroom is probably one of them," said Williams.

Williams says she's heard from Talia and wished her well on the job hunt.

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