Organization to address state's road problems at conference on Isle of Palms

Organization to address state's road problems at conference on Isle of Palms

Members of a statewide organization that supports public transit will address the state's infrastructure problems at a conference on the Isle of Palms this week.

The South Carolina Alliance for Mobile Infrastructure is meeting at Wild Dunes this week.

"We're just as supportive as anybody also for having the infrastructure upgraded and taken care of because we ride on that infrastructure," Vice President Keith Scott said.

State Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall attended the first day of the conference on Thursday.

Hall agrees our roads are in bad condition.

"We're literally at a crossroads with our infrastructure," Hall said. "Currently our pavement's in poor condition and we have a lot of congestion across the state."

Scott points out the state's gas tax hasn't been raised in about 20 years, and that might be a possible solution.

"We get the same money today that we got back in 1995 and '96. So my question I always ask is if you made the same money today that you made in 1995 and '96 would you be able to pay your bills?" Scott said.

We asked Hall if the she has any ideas.

"Well, I'm hopeful that the general assembly will address it with some additional resources."

Right now the state senate is at a stalemate over how to pay to repair roads.

Folks we spoke with want them fixed.

"They need improvement, potholes and they need to be widened for more traffic," Rhonda Sears said.

"It's terrible. I saw a lot of potholes especially coming from here off 61, there's just potholes everywhere," Bryan Agro said.

Scott says something's got to give.

"If we just keep band aids on it, we're gonna battle from now on."

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