Senator Kimpson hosts Hillary Clinton in Town Hall

Senator Kimpson hosts Hillary Clinton in Town Hall

NORTH CHARLESTON - (WCSC) - With just days from South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are continuing their last minute campaigns.

Senator Marlon Kimpson held a Presidential Town Hall featuring Hillary Clinton. The event was co-hosted by Charleston Democratic Party and the House Democratic Delegation. More than 900 people filled the Family Life Center at Royal Missionary Baptist Church.

"I like Town Hall settings, it's more of a one-on-one contact with some of the voters and it makes us feel a little more involved than a rally," says Hue Pierson who got in line for the rally at 2 p.m. to get a front row seat.

Clinton's big talking points were about breaking down barriers. This included providing healthcare for all, making college affordable including historically black colleges through debt-free college plans and lifting communities that are being held back.

"She's been in public service all her life and she cares about the people," says Hillary supporter, Haliah Campbell.

Clinton emphasized the importance of access to quality education at an early age and tackling the issue of gun violence. Community members including students and adults asked Clinton a variety of questions regarding raising the minimum wage, addressing mental health issues, military needs, and affordable education.

"I'm looking at the one candidate that has been there for us, has been to different countries, has been in the White House," says Clinton supporter, Tammy Aiken.

Many voters say they are drawn to Clinton because of her experience. Clinton has the momentum going into the South Carolina primary this weekend with a significant lead in the polls over Bernie Sanders.

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