Sanders supporters remain optimistic despite S.C. primary loss

VIDEO: Sanders' supporters remain optimistic despite S.C. primary loss

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Lowcountry Bernie Sanders supporters rallied Saturday evening despite primary numbers showing a significant deficit behind Hillary Clinton.

Locals and folks from across the country gathered at the Charleston PourHouse on James Island.

Many of Sanders' supporters said they had a feeling he wouldn't win in the state, but remain optimistic for a Democratic nomination.

"I think it shows the amount of enthusiasm and momentum he has behind him," said Gina Corsiglia, a Sanders supporter. "So I think its encouraging none the less, even though it's not a win."

In a statement released by Sanders shortly after initial reports of Clinton's predicted win, he congratulated the Secretary on her victory in South Carolina.

Sanders spent the day campaigning in Texas and Minnesota ahead of Super Tuesday.

One of his supporters said he could have won the state if he had done something specifically two years ago.

"If he would have started his organization in 2014, and it had been building up for the last two years, and getting really good name recognition," said Scott Swoope, who voted for Sanders Saturday.

Other supporters say Sanders did surprisingly well considering what he was facing in the state.

"A couple months ago he was polling at one percent, or zero percent, and he ended up pulling off 20 or 21 percent," Corsiglia said. "I think that is pretty huge, coming from nothing, like no name recognition compared to Hillary Clinton."

"I'm not surprised that she's winning from everything I've read," said Roger Lesser, another supporter. "If it turns out to be that big of a difference I'll be a little surprised. I thought we'd be able to close the gap a little more than that."

In Sanders' statement he said, "I am very proud of the campaign we ran. I am grateful for the grassroots supporters who took on the political establishment and stood up for working families."

He went on to say this campaign is just the beginning.

"We won a decisive victory in New Hampshire. She won a decisive victory in South Carolina," Sanders said.

"People seem to be in good spirits despite Hillary being declared the winner," Swoope said.

"I mean we do feel bad, we will feel bad, but this thing is far from over," Lesser added.

Now Sanders and his supporters will focus on the primaries and caucuses happening Tuesday - Super Tuesday.

At several of his rallies Saturday he targeted Donald Trump saying the country needs to come together and not be divided by people like Trump.

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