Former Dorchester County sheriff plans to run again

Former Dorchester County sheriff plans to run again

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Former Dorchester County sheriff Ray Nash announced plans to run again for sheriff.

Nash retired in 2009.

He says the rise in violent crime, and what he calls low morale within the sheriff's office made him decide to run.

Nash released the following statement in a press release on Tuesday:

Sheriff Nash states that there are two compelling issues calling him back into service: the out of control rise in violent crime and the freefall in morale at the Sheriff's Office. According to Nash, the latest FBI statistics and local media coverage show that the Homicide Rate in Dorchester County has exploded to TWICE that of the entire state. In contrast, under Nash's leadership, the violent crime rate in Dorchester County fell to 39% BELOW the state average. "My proven crime fighting strategies work! I know how to equip, train, and empower my staff to once again make Dorchester County safe."

LC knight is the current Dorchester County sheriff.

Nash currently serves as the senior vice-president of the International Academy of Public Safety as well as director of the National Sheriff's Association's official leadership academy.

The primary is in June.

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