People weigh-in about potential gas tax hike to fix SC roads

VIDEO: People weigh-in about potential gas tax hike to fix SC roads

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - South Carolina lawmakers are at a standstill when it comes to the roads bill.
They're trying to debate whether to raise the gas tax.

While most appreciate an inexpensive tank of gas, some in the Lowcountry don't feel the roads should pay the price to keep the gas cheap.

"I definitely think our roads can be fixed," said Rachel Gouled. "So, I think it's a good idea. I just hope it doesn't go up too much."

Others are concerned about the potential price increase.

"There's money that they could use coming from a lot of other places," said Terrell Jordan.

Some are angry enough to take action.

"These fliers are kind of an awareness flier," said Brian Shelton, avidly opposed to the gas tax hike.

Shelton has been passing out fliers, with information about the gas tax hike, around the Lowcountry all week.

"I've probably passed out 2,000," said Shelton.

He says the majority of people he's talked to don't realize lawmakers could soon vote on a gas tax hike.
The flier encourages South Carolinians to call senators and tell them how they feel.

"Senators are making decisions for the people without the people being involved in the decisions that they're making," said Shelton.

While against the tax hike, he supports fixing the roads.

"The roads on South Carolina are atrocious," said Shelton. "It's the worst roads I've ever been on. And, I've been on a lot of them."

He says the state can find funding to fix the roads elsewhere. He believes they have it.

"Think about all those people that make minimum wage and can barely pay their bills and can barely by gas," said Shelton.

Some support a gas tax hike.

"As long as they stay below $2, then I'm okay," said Gouled.

Others in the Lowcountry quietly oppose the gas tax hike.

"I don't really think it's going to be the best thing," said Jordan.

And some won't stop fighting to keep it out of the state.

"This is the people talking," said Shelton. "This isn't government talking or big business talking. This is all about the people, every single person in South Carolina that drives."

For more information on the gas tax hike and why the roads bill is at a standstill, click HERE. 

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