Ravenel Bridge won't be lit up green for St. Patrick's Day

Ravenel Bridge won't be lit up green for St. Patrick's Day
The Ravenel Bridge will close to all traffic at 7 a.m. Saturday ahead of the 41st Annual Cooper River Bridge Run. (Source: Live 5)

The Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge must wait another year before it can be bathed in green light for St. Patrick's Day.

The group "Go Green March 17" said it will not proceed with its plan to illuminate the bridge for this year's holiday, and instead hopes to gain the necessary funding in time for next year's holiday.

Last summer, Mt. Pleasant Town Council approved the group's plan to turn the lights on the bridge green, if the group paid for the lens caps and the labor to install the caps.  The group was also instructed to use a Department of Transportation contractor to complete the work.

Niall Cahill, a member of the group, said they hope to receive funding from the town of Mt. Pleasant, city of Charleston, or another benefactor to help absorb associated costs.  He said resulting media coverage of the green bridge would be "priceless from a tourism marketing perspective."

This would've marked the first time the Ravenel Bridge would've been illuminated in colored lights.  Mt. Pleasant Mayor Linda Page previously said the town was approached by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which sought approval for a campaign titled "Bras across the River", but the Department of Transportation did not want anything physically attached to the bridge.

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