Retail stores and restaurants coming to West Ashley plaza

VIDEO: Retail stores and restaurants coming to West Ashley plaza

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - New restaurants and retail stores are coming to a plaza in West Ashley. It's a part of the redevelopment of the Ashley Oaks Plaza at the intersection of Ashley River Road and Wappoo Road.

Resident have mixed emotions about the redevelopment of the center. Some would like to see variety of stores, while others are concerned about traffic with all the growth that's planned for West Ashley.

"I would definitely come down here and shop, if they have a grocery store, a food chain, whatever it is," says a West Ashley resident, Freddy Frank.

Frank has been coming to the plaza for about 14 years.He's a regular at the Laudromat that sits on the corner of the shopping center.

A Charlotte-based agency Lat Purser and Associates Inc. purchased the plaza in November. They're planning to bring in restaurants and retail stores with a focus on local businesses. It's a possibility that a big-name grocery store could come too

"I'm sure it would be good to the area and everything, more things to do and places to look forward to doing some more shopping," says Lynn Hester, who's new the area.

The plaza would not only have new stores, but a new look. Some West Ashley residents are concerned about the amount of people it's going to draw in among other development that's taking place. A new apartment complex is also being built nearby on Ashley River Road.

"The traffic is just going to be outrageous," says West Ashley Resident, Troy Murray.

Murray says he's still interested in seeing what comes to the plaza, and he's for more local based businesses and cultural food places.

Last week, Whole Foods announced it would be coming to the area too.

"West Ashley is so congested the traffic is really bad it's hard to get in and out," says resident, Karen Brown. "There are a lot of accidents in this area because the traffic is so bad."

West Ashley makes up about half the city of Charleston's population and it's growing. People from out of town have seen it as destination for new businesses, so they're looking forward to the extra flow.

"I'm sure there's going to bring a lot of traffic to the area, I'm excited," says Sarah Gomez who moved to the area for business. "I'm glad that we chose West Ashley to open up an American Top Team."

Developers want to make this a place where people can continue to live, work and play. They say they've also conducted surveys for community input in what's to come.

The shopping center is currently home to a SCDMV, a popular laundromat, Attic Mall & Auction along with other small businesses. Developers say some of these places might remain there while some will be moving to a new location.

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