Video released of final hours of inmate who died at Charleston Co. jail

Video released of final hours of inmate who died at Charleston Co. jail

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Newly released video shows the final hours of a Charleston County inmate who died in the Al Cannon Detention Center.

Joyce Curnell's family is now suing the jail's medical center.

Curnell was arrested in July after being discharged from a hospital for the stomach flu.

She was jailed for not paying a shoplifting ticket.

In the video, you can see Curnell being brought into the jail.

You can see her slowly walking over to some chairs with what looks like a plastic bag while she's  waiting to be processed.

There is also video inside the housing unit.

The lawsuit claims the medical staff at the jail did not follow doctors orders to monitor her symptoms and make sure she didn't get dehydrated.

Curnell was found dead in jail the next day.

State Law Enforcement investigated and ruled the death natural.

The sheriff's office says it's working hard  to make sure it  provides a healthy environment for all of its  inmates.

Carolina Occupational Health provides the medical services for the jail. Attorney D. Jay Davis, Jr., who is representing COH, released the following statement on Friday:

We continue to investigate the allegations in this case, and we are working to collect all relevant information.  At this very early stage of this litigation, we simply have not yet completed our investigation of this matter and to offer specific comments about the facts would be legally inappropriate.

However, we can confirm that as part of the litigation we are having the case reviewed by qualified medical experts who will do a full medical analysis in response to the allegations.  We believe that after this review is concluded they will issue medical expert opinions in this case that our client met the appropriate legal standard of care.  Otherwise, we feel it's not the right time to comment further on the specific factual allegations of the case as the proper venue for a full and fair evaluation of the allegations in this matter remains the South Carolina Judicial System.

My client has been a part of this community for more than 25 years, and have provided medical care to the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center since July 2009. They remain committed to providing quality medical care to their patients and will continue to provide that care.

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