SLED urges South Carolinian's to beware of IRS phone scam

SLED urges South Carolinian's to beware of IRS phone scam

(WCSC) - With tax season underway, scammers posing as federal Internal Revenue Service employees are calling South Carolinians in an effort to obtain money or personal information.

Citizens should beware of telephone calls coming from numbers in area codes such as 202, 804 and others in which the caller uses scare tactics and threats to get people to make a false payment.

Scammers will also use caller ID spoofing techniques to alter the caller ID to make it appear the call is coming from a legitimate government agency.

The scam artists may also copy official IRS letterhead 10 create emails and documents.

The IRS will not make telephone calls to threaten, demand immediate payment, require payment be made in a certain way or ask for credit card and debit card numbers over the phone.

Anyone with questions whether taxes are owed may call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

Anyone receiving a telephone call from someone posing as an IRS employee, do not provide any information to the caller. Hang up immediately and contact the Treasury Inspector General by clicking here.

You should also report any incidents to the Federal Trade Commission at

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