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SC Lawmaker to help in fight to remove Confederate emblem from Mississippi State Flag

The Mississippi flag.(Photo Source: Pixabay) The Mississippi flag.(Photo Source: Pixabay)

South Carolina Representative Justin Bamberg is headed to Jackson, Mississippi tomorrow to support a lawsuit against that state's governor to remove the state flag.  Mississippi is the last state in the country to display the Confederate battle emblem on its official state flag.

Bamberg, who is also the attorney representing the family of Walter Scott, plans to lend his voice to those in Mississippi calling for the flag to come down. Mississippi attorney Carlos Moore has filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Phil Bryant, to have the flag removed.

The lawsuit says that the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery and all badges and incidents of slavery. The suit says the current state flag is a relic of slavery and should be ruled unconstitutional.  

The suit also alleges that the Confederate battle flag motivated the murders of the Emanuel nine in South Carolina. 

Bamberg says he wants to share his experiences of when South Carolina removed the Confederate flag from the state capitol grounds last year. "I want to tell the people of Mississippi about our experiences in South Carolina," Bamberg said.

 "There was much discussion about how taking down the flag would change our way of life in our state, but that hasn't happened. The world still turns, people are living their lives and it hasn't had any negative impact." 

The lawsuit seeks to remove the current Mississippi state flag from all public displays in the state.  

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