City council gives support to remove Confederate flags from chapels at colleges

City council gives support to remove Confederate flags from chapels at colleges
Charleston City Council unanimously approved a resolution to support Senator Marlon Kimpson's bill to have confederate flags removed from the chapels of public colleges and universities.
The bill would change a current section of the law regarding the state's Heritage Act.

In the resolution, council gave their support to The Citadels Lt. Gen. Rosa and Board of Visitors who are working to remove the Confederate Naval Jack flag from the Summerall Chapel on campus.

The Citadel BOV publicly voted 9-3 for the removal of the flag in June 2015.
The decision is now in the hands of state lawmakers due to the current Heritage Act.
Charleston's Democratic Senator Kimpson filed his bill in February.

The bill, if approved, would also authorize the board of directors of public institutions of higher learning to remove flags of, the war between the states, including but not limited to the Confederate Battle Flag, that are placed or displayed in chapels or other structures having a religious purpose.

The flag could be relocated to another historic location on the property of the institution, or to the museum.
The bill states this can only happen with the approval of the board done at a meeting publicly advertised 30 days in advance and open to the public.
The bill was referred to the Committee on Finance following its first reading.
A two-thirds majority in the General Assembly is needed to pass the bill.

The South Carolina General Assembly voted to remove the flag from Statehouse grounds in July 2015 after law enforcement officials said suspected Emanuel AME Church shooter Dylann Roof displayed it in promotion of white supremacy, the citys resolution states.

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