Health, safety promoted on 'SC walk to school day'

Health, safety promoted on 'SC walk to school day'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's a tennis shoes type of day statewide, as thousands of students, parents and school staff celebrate 'SC Walk to School Day.'

The initiative, funded by the department of transportation, is to spark conversation between students and their families about health, among other topics. In a decade where video games often trump dodgeball or any other outdoor activities, organizers say they hope Wednesday's physical activity leaves an indelible footprint in the minds of youth.

The department of transportation wants folks to think about their carbon footprint and pedestrian safety while trekking the terrain and throughout the day.

Forty-five schools from seven counties in the Lowcountry are taking part in walks to, from, or at school. Roughly 220 schools across the state will be strutting in the initiative as well.

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