Slager defense team requests Scott's brain sample, other evidence

Slager defense team requests Scott's brain sample, other evidence

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Two new motions have been filed in March on behalf of a North Charleston Police officer accused of shooting and killing a man at a traffic stop last year.

The first motion, dated March 4, asks a judge to make the state give them information and documents they requested multiple times since April 10, 2015, days after he allegedly shot Walter Scott as he was running away.

The discovery items they're requesting include the following:

  • A copy of a CNN interview with Gwendolyn Nichols, who claimed she saw a scuffle between Scott and Slager before the shooting
  • Copies of the photos taken by SLED
  • Notes made in a special agent’s interview of Walter Scott’s mother as well as the names of any other law enforcement officers or witnesses involved in the interview
  • Copies of handwritten notes and diagrams regarding a laser measuring device used by SLED during the investigation
  • A chain of custody listing for the body of Walter Scott from the time he was pronounced dead until an autopsy was performed
  • Any formal or informal documents on financial incentives provided by the North Charleston Police Department or its employees that encouraged or rewarded a specific number of investigative traffic stops per officer, per shift
  • Any evidence pertaining to the handling of evidence or modification of documents that may help their case

The second motion, dated March 8, asks the court to issue an order to allow the independent analysis of certain evidence currently held by the Medical University of South Carolina, under the authority of the Charleston County Coroner.

Slager's team believes a representative sample of Walter Scott's brain tissue and a sample of the liquid in which the tissue has been stored may provide significant findings for his defense.

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