Nesmith residents deliver water to Flint, MI

VIDEO: Nesmith residents deliver water to Flint, MI
(L-to-R): Jeron Lewis, Jerrison Davis, Fredrick Lewis, Dwight Lewis (Source: Fredrick Lewis)
(L-to-R): Jeron Lewis, Jerrison Davis, Fredrick Lewis, Dwight Lewis (Source: Fredrick Lewis)

NESMITH, SC (WCSC) - Four Nesmith men are back home after sending some southern hospitality to Flint, Michigan.

Last Monday, they traveled more than 800 miles to deliver thousands of bottles of water to people dealing with the water crisis.

Fredrick Lewis, his brother Jeron, and their cousins, Jerrison Davis and Dwight Lewis, took off at noon on Monday, February 29.  They arrived 8:00 p.m. Tuesday.  Dwight Lewis owns an 18-wheeler, so that was a big help in getting the load to Michigan.

Lewis is a barber, and when he saw that people in Flint needed help, he started thinking about what he could do to help.

"I wanted to do something," Lewis said. "I wanted to do my little part."

So he shared his concern on Facebook with a friend, and she encouraged him to get started and she would be willing to do what she could to help.

"From  there, everything just started falling into place," Lewis said. "Family, friends and neighbors pitched in. People spread the news of what we were doing, and started collecting donations. A Food Lion in Myrtle Beach donated water,  and AME churches from the 7th District in Georgetown also provided water."

In all, they collected 14 pallets of water from home and picked up five more pallets from family members in Ohio. Each pallet holds as many as 300 bottles of water.

The ground was covered with snow when they arrived with their load in Flint that night.

"We didn't expect that and we're not used to that," Lewis said. "As they d ropped off their load at the Triumph Church in Flint, the forklift even got stuck in the snow."

But it was only a minor setback, and Lewis said he and his family were able to deliver on their promise.

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