Report: Former Citadel football player leads campus police on chase

RAW VIDEO - Cops: Former Citadel football player leads campus police on chase
Source: Charleston County Detention Center
Source: Charleston County Detention Center

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Police say a former football player with The Citadel returned to the military college, led officers in a chase and made statements about the price of tea in China.

The Citadel Department of Public Safety charged 44-year-old Torrence Dwyle Forney of Charlotte with failure to stop for blue lights, reckless driving and disorderly conduct.

Forney's arrest stems from an incident last Friday when a patrol officer was approached by a woman who said that a man drove up to her asking questions about the campus. She reported music was playing loudly in the man's vehicle and the driver appeared to be intoxicated.

When the woman asked the man if he was a police officer, he said,"No." The woman said she told the man that he needed to leave the campus if he didn't work there.

The officer said he then spotted a man, later identified as Forney, standing outside of a vehicle in front of Sumerall Chapel.

An incident report states when the officer got out of his patrol vehicle and began to approach Forney, Forney jumped back into his car and sped off.

The officer then began to pursue the suspect through the campus.

According to officials, Forney ran through stop signs during the chase, and stopped at Jones and Lee avenue where a sergeant was blocking the roadway with his patrol car.

Officers reported that when they ordered Forney out of the vehicle, Forney was "verbally combative, but complied with the command. Authorities say a pat down search was conducted and no contraband was found.

Forney was then transported to the Citadel Police Department for booking.

A report states that while in the public safety office and during transport, Forney kept displaying "erratic behavior" and stating he was a 1993 graduate of The Citadel and that he was part of the "take it down movement."

"He consistently made verbal utterances to officers that he wanted to go to 'jail right now,'" CPD officials said.

Officials said Forney called the officers pigs along with several other derogatory and expletive comments.

When investigators asked Forney why he was on campus, a report states Forney repeatedly said,"The right thing."

CPD officers reported that when they asked Forney how much he's had to drink, Forney responded with,"What does that have to do with the price of tea in China. Tell General Rosa to come see me and take it down now."

Forney was locked up at the Charleston County Detention Center.

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