Oyster Roast benefits education programs in Tanzania

VIDEO: Oyster Roast benefits education programs in Tanzania

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A Charleston non-profit organization is helping kids in Africa get an education that they would not otherwise have.

Today Vickery's Bar and Grill in Mt. Pleasant hosted an Oyster Roast to help raise money for the outreach. .

For Erica Oblinger, it was a volunteer trip teaching English in Tanzania that led her to co-found the Tanzanian Education Foundation (TEF).

"When we got back we were like, this can't be the end how can we help more," Oblinger said.

TEF became a nonprofit in 2004. It offers 31 educational scholarships each year for primary education private schools where lessons are taught in English in Tanzania.

"It provides books, uniforms, pencils, meals, vitamins, we also help sponsor a nursery school and we try to... take them to the dentist each year also provide field trips and stuff like that," she said.

Raffle ticket purchases also went to the cause.

Christina Joy came to the Oyster Roast to sell handmade products she bought from Tanzanian markets.  Joy also sponsors various projects aimed at providing greater educational opportunities to Tanzanian children though her organization, Joy Moja.

"I might buy 100 pair of sandals at a time and I buy them from three different mommas," Joy said.  "So they're selling 33 pairs of sandals when it might usually take them 6 months to do that."

Joy is based in St. Augustine Florida, but she came to Mt. Pleasant  to sell the products and continue to raise awareness about Tanzania.

"I wanted to be able to help kids there go to school because I feel like as a developing country especially, that's the future," Joy said. "That's what's going to change the communities and they're situation and that's what's going to be able to help lift them up."

Oblinger says there's a network of programs supporting programs in Tanzania.

"It's amazing I wish I could go over there more and see them ya know every day," Oblinger said. " What it would cost for me to go over there, that's two more scholarships I could give."

The scholarships to sponsor a child cost $544 a year.

"If you just help them learn how to read or write, it can change not only their lives but they're families life as well and that's what we're looking to try to do," Oblinger said.

Each organization will be hosting upcoming fundraising events:

Tanzania Education Foundation:

Reggae on the Creek on May 1

Vickery's Bar & Grill on Shem Creek

1313 Shrimp Boat Ln, Mt Pleasant, SC

Joy Moja:

Music Festival featuring 10 bands on April 9

2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Tickets: $10

2366 Ashley River Road, Unit 6

Charleston, SC

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