Recipe for Pastrami Reuben Burger Sliders

Pastrami Reuben Burger Sliders

Recipe from Champions Retreat, as featured on Live 5 News at 7:30


1lb  80/20 Ground Beef (Form into 12 balls)

Pinch Salt and Pepper

1lb Thin Shaved Pastrami

1 package Kings Hawaiian Rolls (12 rolls)

6 slices Swiss Cheese (Cut into ¼'s)

1 Cup Sauerkraut

*Russian Dressing

Russian Dressing:

1 Cup Dukes Mayo

¼ Cup Ketchup

3 TBSP Sweet Pickle Relish

1 TBSP Spicy Brown Mustard

1 TBSP Horseradish (Strain off any liquid)

1 tsp Texas Pete Hot Sauce

1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce

Pinch Salt and Pepper


Slightly flatten the burger patties, season with salt and pepper.

Mix up the Russian dressing and set aside.

Split open the rolls and place on a cutting board.

Pan sear the burger patties and then place on a sheet pan, top with 2 of the cheese quarters.

Drop the pastrami in the boiling water for about minute or less, drain well

Warm up the sauerkraut a bit

Re-heat the burgers and melt the cheese in the oven.

Assemble the Sliders

Place the patty first on the roll, top with pastrami, then sauerkraut, then Russian dressing