CCSD to pause decision on Stono Park Elementary until September

VIDEO: CCSD to pause decision on Stono Park Elementary until September
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WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Frustrations and disagreements surrounding the future of Stono Park Elementary were discussed in a Charleston County School District workshop Monday afternoon.
The board was hoping to bring some clarity over what should happen to the 60-year-old West Ashley schoolhouse.

Ultimately, the board said they will pass a motion March 21 to study revenue in September and decide then if the school should be rebuilt or renovated.

In a room full of passionate parents and eager school board members, it was those in the back of the room reminding many the reason for the discussion.

"The school walls are cracked open and you can almost put your whole hand through it," Stono Park Elementary School student Bella Frazier said.

Stono Park Elementary students, like first grade Bella, came with fliers showing their message.

"Rebuild Stono Park now, Stono Park Elementary, a blue ribbon school," Bella said, reading her fliers.

Those concerns were heard loud and clear by school officials who have walked the halls of Stono Park and know something needs to be done.

They say it comes down to money.

"Projects will be put on hold until we see what the revenues look like for the rest of this building program," head of capital improvements Jeff Borowy said.

Borowy gave the presentation to the board, showing budget information, school attendance and more.

The board heard Borowy's points and board member Michael Miller explained his concerns.
He said he didn't want money to be used on other projects, and find out later there's not enough money for Stono Park improvements.

That's why the board discussed pausing two school bus parking lot projects and the Stono Park Elementary project until September.

"In September, we'll take a look at the money coming in," Borowy said. "We'll do the balance sheet again and see how much money we have to split among the remaining projects."

Parents who have students at the school say they're ready to see an end to this saga.

"It's frustrating to have to come back and back to the board, to feel like we're begging for action," said Jerod Frazier. "But, if it takes that. If it takes us to keep coming back and feel like we're begging, we're going to do that because our kids are that important to us."

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