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VIDEO: SUV loses control when 'brake checked' after following too closely

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Dash cam video shows an SUV wiping out in Wisconsin, reminding everyone why it's important not to follow too closely. 

In the video you can see the SUV is following too closely to the Ford on a Wisconsin Highway. The driver of the Ford then "brake checks," causing the SUV to brake, loose control and crash into the median, nearly tipping into oncoming traffic. 

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It's something Toledo police traffic officers say they see all too often. They have a piece of advice in case the same thing happens to you. 

"Sometimes if you tap your brakes, you will get their attention. But if it is someone that is really in a hurry and that isn't going to matter to them, get out of the way safely. Get out of their way and don't create a situation," said Lt. Jeff Sulewski with the Toledo Police Department. 

The recommended amount of room you should keep between yourself and the car in front of you is one car length for every 10 mph you are traveling. But police know that isn't always possible. They say to make sure to pay attention to the car ahead of you and the brake lights in front of that car. 

With this video becoming so popular, many are now debating if the driver of the Ford was also at fault for suddenly tapping the breaks. 

"With that video, that would be an interesting one because you would have to look at what is the purpose. Is he checking his speed and saying I'm slowing down to the speed limit or is he doing it because there is a little road rage going on? And if that was the case they may both get cited," said Lt. Sulewski.  

Either way, the video serves as a good reminder to all drivers to be careful on the roads. 

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